International road transport – the Balkans

The Balkans – Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece – are common destinations for international road transport. We offer daily transports to these countries, directed by Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V.

Arranging your entire road transport for you

If you have cargo for the Balkans, just contact the dispatchers of Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. and we will get you the best terms for your transport. We will not only arrange the right logistics partner, but we can also take care of all your paperwork for you. From registering your cargo to making loading and unloading appointments: the dispatchers of Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. take care of everything for you.

Specialist in international road transport for the Balkans

Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. directs daily transport consignments to the Balkans, both for full truckloads and for groupage cargo. Our own services ensure that your freight – both FTL (daily), LTL and groupage – is delivered quickly.

Common international road transport destinations in the Balkans

Regardless of whether your international road transport to the Balkans involves delivery at the customs terminal or direct delivery to the final customer, we arrange road transport to any address desired. Would you like to have your cargo stored in the country of destination? We can also arrange that for you.

  • Belgrado
  • Sarajevo
  • Dubrovnik
  • Split
  • Kotor
  • Zagreb
  • Thessaloniki
  • Athens
  • Skopje
  • Varna

Freight transport to the Balkans

Our logistics partners for freight transport to the Balkans use various vehicles, including 13.6-m curtainsiders/tautliners (for 34 Euro pallets) and 13.6-m box trailers (33 Euro pallets).
Of course we can also arrange other vehicles for you if you so desire.

Your contact for road transport to and from the Balkans

You deal with one, fixed contact for all your international transport to the Balkans. This forwarding agent has many years of experience and is fluent in German, the standard language for transport in the Balkans. You can also hire this contact’s services to help you communicate about the transport with your customer.
Direct contact

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