Warehousing / storage and transhipment

Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. is your partner for all your international transport requirements. Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. is also your partner for warehousing. We can store your cargo in one of the securely protected and frost-free warehouses of Jan de Rijk Logistics. We use several warehouse locations, including in Swalmen, Eindhoven, Roosendaal and Beilen in the Netherlands. The warehouses together have a capacity of 110,000 m2.

Taking care of all your warehousing needs

If you hire our services for warehousing, we will not only arrange the carriage from the warehouse to your customer or to the end customer, but we will of course also arrange the transport between your location and the warehouse. And if desired, our dispatchers will skilfully take care of all the paperwork involved with warehousing your cargo for international transport.

Please contact us to find out more about our comprehensive warehousing options.

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