Worldwide international transport

Worldwide international transport

Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. is specialised in international road transport to Germany, the Balkans and a major part of Eastern Europe. But since Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. is part of Jan de Rijk Logistics, our team can also offer you the best conditions for transport consignments to any other location in Europe. And thanks to our many years of expertise and the valuable contacts we have built, we can also ensure the best conditions for worldwide air transport and sea freight.

International road transport – Germany, the Balkans, Eastern Europe

Our focus has always been on international road transport to and from Germany, with daily departures for all of Germany and direct possibilities for refrigerated transport to and from Southern Germany. The Balkans and the other countries in Eastern Europe have since been added to our export destinations: we maintain intensive contacts with excellent logistics partners in these countries.

Other destinations in Europe

Since Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. is part of Jan de Rijk Logistics, we can direct the transport of your freight to all countries in Europe, and always at the best conditions.

Air cargo, sea freight

We arrange air cargo or sea freight for any urgent transport orders and for transport outside Europe. The actual transport chosen depends on your wishes, your freight, the price and any other conditions.

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